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The Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Marketing

There’s only one way to describe the presence of mobile devices in today’s culture: ubiquitous. Everywhere you turn, consumers are tweeting, calling, reading, researching and playing games, from the morning commute to evening strolls with the dog. Those observations are backed up by the numbers, with mobile searches usage growing by 81% percent in 2012 […]

Tips for Showcasing Your Work Online

When you’re in business for yourself, there’s nothing more important than showing potential customers or clients just what you can do. But as a consultant, freelancer or small business person with a specialized focus, it can be difficult to know how to show off without feeling like you’re, well, showing off. That’s just one among […]

Share an Office with Alt Creative!

We’re looking for an awesome company to share some space with us. We are a small marketing and design company with a great space in South Austin near South Lamar and Ben White. We have a 4-room suite with an opening in one of our exterior offices (we’ll call this the “rentable office”). The rentable […]

Why We Love: Wunderlist

My name is Lindsey, and I am a chronic list-maker. There, I admitted it. In my day-to-day work, I make a lot of lists… I’ve been known to make a list of lists that I need to make. I often add tasks that I’ve already completed to a list, just so I can cross it […]

March Font Showcase: Quality Display Web Fonts

It used to be that web designers were stuck using only web-safe fonts, like Arial and Tahoma, in their designs. In recent years as new browser versions are released, designers are beginning to have more options when it comes to embedding fonts into a web design. With services like Google Web Fonts, TypeKit, and Font […]

How to Win Networking at SXSW

Or any other conference, really…. There are many reasons why we love living in Austin. Between the food trucks, the great winter weather, and the city’s lovingly fostered weirdness, it’s no wonder that people from across the country are moving here in a hurry. But if there’s one thing that makes living in Austin truly […]

February Font Showcase: Lovely Valentine Fonts

Are you feeling the love? We are. February is a great time to share what you love with those you love. So whether you’re creating a love note for your sweetie or throwing a sweet soiree for your close friends and clients, these “lovely” (heh, see what we did there?) fonts can help inspire your […]

Why We Love: Text Expander

Do you spend a lot of time typing the same things over and over again? We do. And not just when developing… There are plenty of boiler plate text items that we type over and over whether it be in design, typing up creative briefs, composing emails, or filling out forms online. Anything that can […]

How Volunteer Work Can Benefit Your Business

More than a year and a half ago, we here at Alt Creative made a pledge to be more socially responsible. The results so far have been phenomenal, and it’s been amazing to see what donating just a percentage of profits can do to improve the city that we call home. But even before this […]

December Font Showcase: Fonts for Your Rebrand

It’s almost a new year and without fail our clients are turning to us to help with freshening up their brands, creating brands for new campaigns, or rebranding an entire organization. This month, we focus on some of typography that is especially useful for these type of projects.

Why We Love: Cyfe

Stop Wasting Time Tracking Data Want to get the big picture of your online presence? With more and more online services starting everyday, the problem will most likely get worse before it gets better. Businesses are now spending upwards of 80% of their time analyzing and reporting data, that’s time no business can afford to […]