March Font Showcase: Quality Display Web Fonts

March Font Showcase: Quality Display Web Fonts

It used to be that web designers were stuck using only web-safe fonts, like Arial and Tahoma, in their designs. In recent years as new browser versions are released, designers are beginning to have more options when it comes to embedding fonts into a web design. With services like Google Web Fonts, TypeKit, and Font Squirrel a new crop of free web fonts have surfaced and are quickly heading toward the same over-use as the old web-safe fonts of the last decade.
Luckily, more and more font designers are now offering web licensed version of their fonts – opening a whole new world of fonts to use on the web! This month, we’re taking a look at some of our favorite web-fonts for headers and other display elements.

Brix Slab


Thirsty Rough Light




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