Why We Love: Wunderlist

Why We Love: Wunderlist

My name is Lindsey, and I am a chronic list-maker. There, I admitted it. In my day-to-day work, I make a lot of lists… I’ve been known to make a list of lists that I need to make. I often add tasks that I’ve already completed to a list, just so I can cross it off. I keep my lists in a notebook so I can refer to them later. I have a serious list addiction – one that I have no intention of trying to lick anytime soon. That’s why I love Wunderlist!
Wunderlist is a simple, gorgeously-designed to-do list for your computer and mobile devices. It’s simple to use, but has some key features that your typical pen and paper list doesn’t.


Sync your to-do list with all of your devices

No more leaving the house without your grocery list! Most of us are using several different devices throughout the day, from mobile and tablets to desktop and web. Knowing this, Wunderlist 2 has gone native on all major platforms — Mac, iPhone, Web, Android and Windows PC. Additionally, your lists will automatically be synchronized via Wunderlist’s incredibly clever Cloud Sync. So clever in fact, the synchronization will happen without you even recognizing.

Reminders, due dates and recurring tasks
Traditional lists don’t take time into consideration. Wunderlist allows you to put a due date (or not!) on your list items as well as a separate reminder date. It’s really handy for those items on your list that require more lead time. You can also set items in your list as recurring items. This is handy for remembering things that are repeat to-do items like remembering to give the dog his monthly heart worm pills or remembering to take the trash out on trash day.

Did we mention that it’s gorgeous?
Adoption of any new technology is difficult when you have to look at something ugly. That is not the case here. Wunderlist is beautifully designed to be user-friendly and easy on the eyes. You might just find yourself making a list simply to look at how stunning it is on a retina display.

Everything is more fun with friends
With Wunderlist, you can share to-do lists. Whether you want to share that “honey-do” list or collaborate with friends on a party, Wunderlist allows you to share your to-do lists with others to help get it done. Through the smart integration of Facebook’s Open Graph and your personal address book all you need to do is hit “Invite” and wait for them to join.


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