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Why We Love: Transmit

  Transmit is an FTP program designed by a company specializing in Mac software. An FTP (or, File Transfer Protocol) program is used to upload and download files between a local computer and a web server. As you can imagine, a reliable FTP program is a must have for a web design company, but it […]

What Google+ Means for your Online Marketing Strategy

How the New Social Network Is Already Affecting Your Business By now you’ve likely heard the hub-bub about Google+ (Google Plus), a new social network launched by Google. Google+ is essentially Google’s answer to Facebook. It pre-launched in July on an invite-only basis. Invites have been notoriously easy to get which may explain why Google […]

Why We Love Ooma

We love not paying a phone bill. But, as much as we wish email was the standard, we need phones! That is why we love Ooma (well, that and because we just love saying “Ooma”). Ooma manufactures a device called the Telo, which connects to your high-speed internet connection to allow you to make calls […]

July Fonts Showcase: Retro Fonts!

Get ready for a throwback because this month we are highlighting our favorite retro inspired fonts. From a nod to 50’s cocktail to memories of 60’s television, we’ve take a look at the fonts that will take you back.

QR Codes 101: The Basics & Best Practices

You may have seen these odd, squared-patterned codes on anything from business cards to posters and even on advertisements. But what are they and how are they being used in popular marketing campaigns? This month we are taking a look at how these codes are being used and giving you a quick cheatsheet to teach […]

June Font Showcase: Highly Readable Corporate Fonts

This month, Alt Creative is showcasing fonts that are less flashy that usual. These fonts are perfect for corporate graphic design as a a readable body font. We believe it is imperative to your company’s brand to have a signature font for printed materials and certain web elements. These four fonts are stunning examples of […]

8 Ways to Use Video on Your Website

Video marketing has become an important way to market your company online. The largest search engine in the world is Google. Can you guess the second largest? It’s not Yahoo or Bing – it’s YouTube. In addition to the benefits of appearing in YouTube search results, video also appears in Google’s universal search. When a […]

Why We Love Remember The Milk

Remember the Milk is an online to-do list manager. We started using it at Alt Creative as a way to manage our client maintenance requests. We got tired of letting the inbox be the to-do list because it is impossible for email to help you remember deadlines, keep notes, and update statuses.

May Font Showcase: Display Fonts Rule!

This month, Alt Creative is focusing on helping out clients really make their mark. Typography is one of our favorite design tools, so to help our clients really make a statement, we are focusing this month on display fonts. Display fonts are great for header text. Here are a few of our favorites!

Why We Love Suitcase Fusion

Suitcase Fusion is extremely powerful font manager for Mac & PC. It helps us manage our fonts, our clients fonts, find the right font for each project and even weed out any corrupt fonts. Suitcase Fusion has an impressive list of features, but we’d like to cover some of our favorites.