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Why We Love Freshbooks "Painless Billing"

Why We Love Freshbooks "Painless Billing"

Freshbooks is an online invoicing SaaS (Software as a Service). Their tagline is “painless billing”, and they aren’t kidding around. They make invoicing so easy. Back in 2005 while starting ATX Multimedia (now Alt Creative), I started looking for a better way to invoice my clients. I didn’t have an accounting background so many of […]

Congrats to our contest winners!

Last month, we unveiled our new Proactive Monthly Maintenance plans and we gave you a chance to win a chance to try it free! Congratulations to Scot Maitland at Live Oak Pharmacy for winning 3 months of our web maintenance. Two runner-ups, Julie Nelson of the Nelson Project and Alicia Marie Fruin of PeopleBiz, Inc […]

Why we love Google Voice

We admit it – this month’s topics are a little Google-heavy, but we have decided to make the “In Our Toolbox” section part of our monthly email and our blog to give you the 411 on some of our favorite productivity tools. Google Voice is high on our list. While we love to actually talk […]

Sneaky SEO Tactics to Get You on Google’s Blacklist

SEO is a vital tool in your online marketing, but if you aren’t careful your site could end up at the bottom of the heap with just a few bad decisions. Google is constantly looking for new ways to filter out and block sites that try to manipulate their algorithm. When Google crawls the Internet […]

Win a 3 months of web maintenance!

Post on our wall and be entered to win “The web isn’t social. People are.” There is no denying it… We love our clients! We want to hear what you have to say and we intend to reward you for it. Beginning September 1st, anyone who posts a comment, link, testimonial, or even just a […]

How to Plan Your Website Project

Establishing a great website requires more than just acquiring the services of a great web designer. It requires planning, research, and goals. As a web designer, part of my job is to help my clients understand the steps they need to take in addition to, and in preparation for, the work I will be doing […]

How to Annoy Visitors and Alienate Customers

Here at Alt Creative, we feel like part of our job is to make the Internet a better place. We definitely take this seriously when advising our clients on some of the Dos’s-and-Don’ts of web design. In this post, we’ve take a very blunt approach to outline the Don’ts.