Why We Love Suitcase Fusion

Why We Love Suitcase Fusion

Suitcase Fusion is extremely powerful font manager for Mac & PC. It helps us manage our fonts, our clients fonts, find the right font for each project and even weed out any corrupt fonts. Suitcase Fusion has an impressive list of features, but we’d like to cover some of our favorites.

Reliable Auto-activation
Focus on your work, not your system. Suitcase Fusion comes with professional-grade auto-activation plug-ins for critical design and publishing apps. Auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and QuarkXPress.

Powerful Interactive Previews
Suitcase Fusion gives you unprecedented font preview options. Preview any text using any font. See how typefaces stack up side-by-side, even down to their individual glyphs. Tear off floating previews or take Font Snapshots to preview your fonts in action.

WebINK Enabled
Bring gorgeous typography to the web using Suitcase Fusion and the WebINK web font rental service. WebINK is the best way to easily integrate web fonts into any site without worrying about all of those pesky browser compatibility and font licensing issues.

Secure Font Storage
Rest easy that your fonts are safe from corruption or unintentional deletion.

Font Corruption is in Check
Problem fonts can disrupt even the most efficient workflow. Suitcase Fusion keeps your font collection clean and your workflow smooth.

Customized Font Sets
Suitcase Fusion 3 helps you stay organized. Create sets of fonts by project, type or however best suits your workflow.

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