8 Ways to Use Video on Your Website

8 Ways to Use Video on Your Website

Video marketing has become an important way to market your company online. The largest search engine in the world is Google. Can you guess the second largest? It’s not Yahoo or Bing – it’s YouTube. In addition to the benefits of appearing in YouTube search results, video also appears in Google’s universal search. When a company integrates relevant videos that compliment the content of its website, many search engines will pick it up. This improves overall search, and also allows search results to be presented with matching videos, making them more appealing to click to view. You must optimize and tag videos appropriately to see the SEO benefit, but by doing so you are adding a powerful tool to your online marketing strategy.
Here are some ways you can use video to increase your search rankings:

Promotional Video

Promotional videos are typically like a commercial. The goal of them is to provoke the user to purchase a product or contact the company for services. This particular type of video is common and depending on how it is used, can be very effective.

How-to & Tutorials

Tutorials can help you educate your customers on certain topics related to your business or industry. For example, let’s say you are a bookkeeper and most of your clients are using Quickbooks. You may want to run a video tutorial on your website to teach your customers how to run their own reports. Tutorials also serve as to prevent you from having to give someone the same set of directions over and over.

Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations are similar to tutorials, but can be expanded to show certain features of your product. For example, if your product is an email marketing service, you might want to show a product demonstration showing users the lifecycle of an email campaign to underscore its effectiveness.


Testimonials are a fantastic way to show your site visitors how your product or service has helped a client. When you show a video of a client giving your company praise for a job well done, you are creating trust and credibility for your business.

Case Studies/Client Impact

Case studies can be used to give your site visitors a relatable success story about how your product or service improved a circumstance for another client. These case studies tend to be more in depth than a testimonial and are usually told from the point of view of the company or a third person, not the client. This is a great selling point and can be used to illustrate the unique benefits of your business.


Interviews can serve as a tool for education as well as credibility. Adding video interviews of well-known people in your industry serves as an indirect endorsement for your company. An interview can also educate clients about a topic that the interviewee is knowledgeable about.

Virtual tours

Virtual tour videos are helpful for real estate agents, event planners, interior designers, and any other profession that is selling a space. They serve as a great way to visualize a three-dimensional product in the two-dimensional medium of the web.


Depending on your industry, an entertainment video can be highly effective for brand awareness. For example, I have 2 clients, one who is an interior designer and the other is a chef and they get together every few months to create an online broadcast. The broadcast is short but includes a cooking demonstration and talk about décor surrounding their theme for that particular broadcast. It’s more entertaining than a product demonstration or a tutorial and it serves as another way to present their brands to their potential customers.


Video marketing can help you with not only your SEO efforts, but as a marketing tool to build your brand and project trust and credibility among your potential customer base. If you would like help adding video to your website, or if you just need more information on how to get started, contact us!

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