7 Essentials Apps that Every Entrepreneur Should Have on their Mobile Devices

7 Essentials Apps that Every Entrepreneur Should Have on their Mobile Devices

7 Essentials Apps that Every Entrepreneur Should Have on their Mobile Devices

The digital age can make things much easier for entrepreneurs, but you know what they say about great power and great responsibility. When tools exist that can improve your work, you have an obligation to use them if you want your company to remain competitive. Entrepreneurs and small businesses have more tools at their disposal than ever before, thanks to the power of mobile apps. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, there are a few you should be sure to install on your device. 
From organization to internal communication and even finance, apps can help optimize some of the most vital areas in any business. Below are 7 apps we consider absolutely essential for ambitious entrepreneurs. Try them out for yourself, and see which ones meet your needs most effectively.

  1. Slack

Slack has over 4 million daily active users, and it isn’t hard to see why. This slick internal communications app uses cloud technology to organize group conversations into a searchable digital repository. You can even set up multiple teams, which lets you switch back and forth from one group to the next without having to sign into a different account. Channels, customizable widgets, bots and more make Slack a truly versatile tool for entrepreneurs who need to be in constant contact with essential personnel.

  1. Accompany

Have you ever been pressed for time on your way to an important meeting, and wished that you could take a moment to brush up on the details of the people in the room before entering? Accompany makes that process easy by providing succinct, digestible briefings prior to important events. To use it, you’ll simply need to provide it with permission to access your email, calendar, and social media. After accessing your data, Accompany finds relevant supplementary info from elsewhere on the web and uses it to prepare profiles for each of your contacts.

  1. Salesforce1      

Salesforce1 is an app developed by the team behind the world’s leading CRM software, and it is designed to empower the growing number of entrepreneurs in the mobile workforce. Salesforce1 compiles customer information and presents it to you using a beautiful, seamlessly integrated interface. Enjoy data pertaining to your sales, customer service, marketing efforts, and other important areas. Then, use your heightened understanding of your customers to make strong, decisive choices from anywhere.

  1. HelloSign

Sometimes, the most inconvenient things are also some of the most trivial. Have you ever been late for a meeting or important engagement because you forgot papers you needed to sign at your office? With HelloSign, that problem is a thing of the past. HelloSign allows you to sign any .pdf file with a simple touch of your finger and send it to the intended recipient. With this app, you may never need to make photocopies again.

  1. Toggl

Toggl is wonderful for many small businesses, but it’s also an excellent app for independent contractors and sole proprietorships who bill their clients by the hour. Toggl’s simple but effective premise is that it lets you track your billable time from any device, so that you’ll always be able to keep accurate records of what you are owed. You can even use it for multiple projects and organize them with custom tabs. 

  1. Freshbooks

Of course, no business is complete without financial statements, and a finance app can be the easiest way to organize them. Freshbooks is more than just an excellent way to create invoices for those billable hours you record with Toggl. It also allows you to track your expenses, and collect records about your cash flow, which can be especially useful if you ever need to apply for a business loan.

  1. LocalVox

Marketing is another critical aspect of successful entrepreneurship in the digital age. There are so many online opportunities to market yourself and your company that you can’t afford not to do so. However, digital marketing can also be a lot of work, which is why apps like LocalVox exist. LocalVox lets you publish simultaneously across multiple online channels including your website and various social media platforms. Better yet, it uses Google Places to provide location data for your content when you want to reach audiences in specific areas. You’ve worked hard on your startup or small business, so make sure to support that work with the proper tools. Communicate more clearly, avoid delays, gain a deeper understanding of your customers, take charge of your finances and speak directly to your audience when you use the tools included on our list.

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Nick Rojas is a self-taught, serial entrepreneur who’s enjoyed success working with and consulting for startups. He concentrates on teaching small and medium sized enterprises how best to manage their social media marketing and define their branding objectives. @NickARojas

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