Why We Love FollowUpThen.com

Why We Love FollowUpThen.com

I am not a naturally organized person. Growing up, I was always losing toys or forgetting where I put my homework. I made A’s, but my teachers were quick to slap a big ‘F’ when it came time to grade the organization of our notebooks. To this day, I am still upset with whoever came up with that concept.
But as a business owner, organization is key. So here at Alt Creative, we concentrate on finding easy ways to keep ourselves organized. We love it when we find a tool that easily fits into our current behaviors. That is why we are so happy to share with you one of our favorite tools – FollowUpThen!

What is FollowUpThen?

FollowUpThen is a service that helps you never forget that critical part of your business – the follow up! With this service, you can email a time-specific followupthe.com email address and it will email you when it is time to follow up. The service is free and does not require registration.

How does it work?

Let’s say you are sending an email to someone asking them a question and you need the answer by Monday. Add monday@followupthen.com email address to the BCC field, and on Monday, the original message is re-pushed by FollowUpThen.com back to you, with a little email graphic and a notice from FollowUpThen reminding you to follow up.

What email address should I use?

You can use pretty much any time descriptive email addresses. Below are some examples:

Time Interval

  • 1minute@followupthen.com
  • 2hours@followupthen.com
  • 3days@followupthen.com
  • 4weeks@followupthen.com
  • 5months@followupthen.com
  • 6years@followupthen.com

Day of Week

  • tuesday@followupthen.com

Common Scheduling Terms

  • tomorrow@followupthen.com
  • nextweek@followupthen.com
  • nextmonth@followupthen.com

Specific Date

  • mar30@followupthen.com
  • 2010-05-30@followupthen.com

Specific Time

  • 11am@followupthen.com
  • 1132am@followupthen.com

Specific Date and Time

  • tomorrow9am@followupthen.com
  • 12pmAug25@followupthen.com

Recurring Reminders

  • everyweds@followupthen.com
  • everymar30@followupthen.com

That’s it! The service is so easy to use. We love the recurring reminders (seriously, I’d forget to submit payroll every week without it). For more info on FollowUpThen, check out FollowUpThen.com

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