Why We Love Evernote

Why We Love Evernote

Here at Alt Creative, we are unusually obsessed with having a paperless office. It’s important to us for more than just environmental reasons. We figure that if everything is digital the it’s also more accessible, searchable, and shareable. Enter Evernote – our favorite tool for saving remember-worthy tidbits in the cloud.

Evernote Features:

Take notes from anywhere – Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android and more.
Evernote can capture anything – links, audio, images, documents, etc.
Easy organization – everything you save is automatically processed, indexed, and made searchable
Easy searchability – you can search for your stuff by keyword, title, and tags. You can even search handwritten notes.
Evernote is compatible with 3rd party apps like DocScanner & Echosign

How we use it:

Inspiration board for new projects

We never know where inspiration will hit us. Many times I find myself doing something for another project and being totally inspired by it for another project. Often times, I’ll be out with friends, or out shopping, or out to eat and see something that gives me a great idea for a project. Before using Evernote, I would have to capture that idea mentally. When dealing with 10 projects at the same time, it can get difficult to remember all of these inspired moments. with Evernote, I just whip out the iPhone, snap a pic or jot down a note and it is saved for me to come back to later.

Collaborative tool for team based projects
When working with sub-contractors or committees, Evernote makes it easy for me us to communicate and keep track of meeting notes, deliverables, code snippets, style guidelines and more!
Project reminders & to-do lists

Sometimes when meeting with clients for the first time, we can get so carried away on the creative stuff that things don’t get properly documented. I use Evernote to remind the of the answers to the important questions like where the client is hosted and what maintenance plan they want. I can even create to-do lists and action items for followup.
Keep track of our Livescribe notes

I love my Livescribe pen. I can record meetings and meeting notes to upload to Evernote. Check out Livescribe.com for more details about this pen!

Premium Features Include:
1Gb of uploads per month
Add any file type including Microsoft Office
Allow access by other users
Priority support

Where to get it:

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