Why We Love Box.net

Why We Love Box.net

While we specialize in web design and development, we do our fair share of graphic design projects as well. Graphic design is notorious for requiring the sending of large files. Box.net helps up distribute the large design files and proofs to our clients and our printing partners.


Sharing & Managing Content:

Box.net allows us to organize and view our content in an online portal that we find incredibly intuitive. It keeps the folder/file structure that  you would expect to see. We can link directly to any file or folder just by copying/pasting the link and sending to a client without them ever needing to access a Box.net page.


Box.net makes it easy for us to upload new versions of files once they have been revised. Clients can also make comments about changes/additions/etc right from the Box.net site.

Searchability & Activity Reports:

Box.net makes it easy to find files that have been uploaded and it tells us when someone has accessed a file/folder.

Mobile Access:

Both our clients and our employees can access and preview files from anywhere with their iPhone and Android apps and their exceptionally usable mobile website.


Get 5GB for free or 500Gb for $45/month.

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