Why We Love 1Password

Why We Love 1Password

You’ve probably heard this before, but the secret to online security is to never use the same password twice. If your new year’s resolution this year is to be more secure online by using different passwords for your accounts, then you need 1Password. Trust us, we know what it is like to keep track of hundreds of passwords.
1Password is a great software solution. You can use it on your local machine, or use the cloud to keep it in sync across other computers and mobile devices. It allows you to create identities so you can quickly login to websites and/or fill out contact forms with ease. It’s strong encryption and auto-fill features helps you thwart keyloggers and phishing criminals. Our favorite feature? It’s so much prettier than most password managers.

You can try 1Password for 30 days free by visiting https://agilewebsolutions.com/onepassword/overview

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