Guaranteed Ways You Can Improve Customer Engagement

Guaranteed Ways You Can Improve Customer Engagement

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, people are connected to brands. Whether it’s a Facebook page or an email newsletter, users are continually evaluating businesses. Customer engagement is how we measure the relationship between an individual and a brand. This metric is important for any company and should inspire marketing strategies, regardless of the industry.

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is the relationship between an individual and an organization. Amazon Prime members are an example of highly engaged customers. People shop on this site so often, they pay an annual fee for the privilege of free two-day shipping and access to greater discounts. Engaged customers range from regular purchasers to brand evangelists.

Any interaction with any brand impacts customer engagement. A simple tweet could make or break a company’s customer engagement. This means a marketing team is critical for coordinating any brand’s defined messaging and communications.

Customer Engagement Strategies


People want to feel that everything from messaging to product suggestions are customized and personal. Behavioral data along with other information allow businesses to personalize individual user interactions. This way, each customer or prospect feels as though they have a personal connection with the company.

Segmentation is also crucial to personalizing the user experience. Not everyone on your email list will respond positively to the same messaging. Be sure to create messaging for your different segments so users receive content that meets their interests.

Be Human

People are less likely to interact with a faceless entity than they are with a human being. Customer experiences that create an emotional connection are the most memorable. Businesses using emotional connections beat their competition in sales by 85%. Zappos, the popular online shoe store, is an example.

Due to a death in the family, a Zappos customer was late returning a pair of shoes. The Zappos’ customer service team still honored the return and sent a courier to pick up the shoes at no cost. Zappos also sent a bouquet and a condolence note. That’s the human touch.

Customer Service

Customer service also plays a key role in customer engagement. A customer with questions or concerns should have access to your customer service team through multiple channels. For instance, if someone submits a question through Facebook messenger, your social media manager should respond in alignment with your marketing and customer engagement strategies. Empower your team to always provide high-quality customer service.


Social media platforms make it easy to join conversations to establish brand personas. And, you still have to publish content on your own profiles. To engage, you also must comment on and share posts from others. As your brand, interact with people on social media to develop the loyalty your business requires to thrive.  

Review Feedback

When you listen to feedback, you will learn exactly what you need to do to improve customer engagement. Be open-minded. Honest negative customer feedback can be tough to receive sometimes. Yet, it can be one of the most important change drivers for an organization. Look at survey data, read reviews, and examine other feedback to glean what your target audience expects from your brand.

Customer Behavior Research

How do you turn a buyer into a loyal customer? You deliver an experience that makes them come back again and again. Research how people interact with the brand. Ask these questions: What content performs well? How do customers engage with your business? Knowing these things allows an organization to develop buyer personas that guide customer engagement and marketing efforts.

VIP Treatment

Your brand enthusiasts are VIPs, treat them as such. Provide them with exclusive offers, content, and other opportunities. They are a key part of your business. Show them how much you appreciate them. Those who are not as engaged with your brand may see (or hear) how much these VIPs benefit and soon become brand enthusiasts themselves.

Add Value

Options are everywhere today. All information needed to make buying choices is available online anytime. In order to keep a high level of customer engagement, provide value your customers won’t find elsewhere. Differentiate yourself by building on what you know about your target audience’s needs and wants.

Successful content marketing strategies consider customer engagement metrics to inform the creation of assets. Blog posts, customer service messaging, landing page copy, and every other content type you develop should drive customer engagement. Want help? Reach out to Alt-Creative to discuss implementing strategies that achieve your customer engagement goals.


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