Top B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Try

Top B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Try

In the last decade, marketing has incorporated a variety of different strategies and systems, thanks in large part due to internet growth. While traditional marketing focused on print advertising, newspaper ads, and billboards, it has evolved to include digital marketing and has grown into a new and ever-changing discipline. Today brings a new generation of empowered buyers and advanced technology. When building a marketing strategy in this digital age, businesses must focus on a combination of tactics and follow trends as they arise. Digital marketing is fluid, exciting, and filled with opportunity. Here are a few key B2B marketing strategies that can work for you.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a broad, inclusive strategy that includes a variety of elements. These include blogs, videos, social media, FAQs, email newsletters, and more. What is most important, however, when developing your content marketing strategy is not which elements you choose, but on whom you focus your content. 

Most companies focus their content on personalization, thought leadership, and brand awareness. According to Gartner, there is a compelling advantage in focusing your content on customers and their buying process. To build buyer-focused content, you must:

  • Understand the buyer’s tasks during the purchasing journey.
  • Present the buyer with tools and data to address these tasks.
  • Provide these tools and data via the buyers’ selected channels.

Buyer-focused blogs, for example, should generate interest in your product, rather than focus on what you do. Build content that shows customers how you will eliminate their pain points. Engage buyers with a story about solving a problem using your product or service. This is buyer-focused content and it is on target as a B2B marketing strategy. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not new. Strategies and technologies have evolved over the years and email marketing remains a great way to touch cold leads, existing customers, and everyone in between.  

To create effective emails, your subject line needs to be compelling. Nonsequiturs, calls-to-action, engaging questions, and time-sensitive offers are key ways to get readers to open a message. Your next job is to write great content. Great subject lines and effective content can make or break an email campaign.

Today’s sophisticated email marketing programs include automation tools that segment audiences and create personalized messages. When you add in well-written content, this can drive significant audience engagement. Imagine triggering a related email when a user abandons a shopping cart or downloads a .pdf. You can create a targeted cohesive marketing strategy using email marketing tools. 

Social Media

B2B marketing depends on human interaction and communication, however, corporate life is busy. Key leads may not be available if they are in meetings, traveling, or otherwise engaged. Social media provides a great alternative communication tool for both buyers and sellers. Social media personalizes brands and presents a forum for relaxed communication to discuss topics and share information. 

Facebook is the most effective social media platform for B2B marketers. Facebook comes with powerful targeting options allowing marketers to focus on segments most likely to generate leads. Facebook also maintains an extensive database giving marketers access to “lookalike” audiences—users who show similar behavior to your customers but who have not yet shown interest in your product. Social media is an important part of any successful B2B marketing strategy.


Chatbots are another great marketing tool. Through the use of AI technology, they are able to compile and analyze data and then make quality targeted decisions based on that data. Chatbots can recommend relevant content to customers based on previous chats, purchase histories, and other information unique to each customer. They can also answer frequently asked questions on an immediate basis, nurture new leads, and engage readers. Chatbots are a valuable part of any B2B inbound marketing strategy.

These are a few B2B marketing strategies to try and will work even better when used alongside one another. Have questions about how to implement your B2B marketing strategy? We are here to help.

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