What You Can Gain From Podcasting

What You Can Gain From Podcasting

Podcasts, digital downloadable audio files, are more popular today than ever. Nearly 62 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly and over half of podcast listeners are likely to buy a podcast advertised product. Podcasts have become a valuable marketing tool, so it makes sense to add them to your digital marketing toolbox. Here’s how they can work for you.

Build Strong Relationships

Because podcasts are on-demand in both timing and content, listeners commit to them more than they do other forms of content. In addition, some of the more popular podcast formats, such as panel discussion, narrative storytelling, and two-host talk shows, create a feeling of intimacy and build a personal connection with listeners.

Because people choose podcasts that are relevant to them, they connect with the podcast host. If a brand is represented, they come to trust that brand. This leads to greater conversion rates, better customer relationships, and more word-of-mouth referrals.

Podcasts give your audience a more in-depth view of who you are and what you do. Customers who know you by your written content will appreciate the deeper bond they gain from hearing your voice. They will get a sense of your personality, mannerisms, and experiences and feel closer to you.

Podcasts Captivate

The internet is overflowing with static written content. In fact, your written content may get lost in the information overload mix. While we are not suggesting you give up written content as a marketing tool, there are other ways to engage customers. Podcasting is a great choice because it provides a more casual experience for consuming content, a more direct way of storytelling, and the opportunity to positively influence buying decisions.
Podcasts are valuable for marketers to engage listeners because they are one-of-a-kind. Podcast consumers like podcasts that are creative, intelligent, and of distinctive content. Listeners have a preference for fewer stories with greater depth than many shorter segments. As a marketer, you can captivate your listeners with a regular series of in-depth podcasts that truly connect and engage.

Expand Your Audience

Podcasting allows your business to connect with a variety of new audiences. Once you get listeners they will typically subscribe to the series and then listen regularly. In addition, they may recommend your podcasts to others further increasing your reach and expanding your audience. Audiences primarily find out about podcasts through organic recommendations such as family, friends or even podcast hosts.
New podcast recommendation technologies are in development that mimic apps like Spotify and Pandora. These technologies will curate smart playlists allowing listeners to find and listen to new podcasts without needing to consult their smartphones. Although podcast culture is mainly one of word-of-mouth recommendations, this automated technology will be another great way to expand your audience.

Repurpose Content

Content marketing takes time and energy. It’s hard work to create, publish, and release something new, on-brand, and amazing on a regular basis. This is where repurposing can be a helpful and genuinely legitimate strategy. If you have, for example, recently published a great blog post that is getting good traffic, comments, and social media shares, why not repurpose it as a podcast?

You already have a good topic. The blog post feedback proves it. Repurpose it as a podcast and you will bring that topic to a larger audience. Your creation process is shortened since the content is already there. You will need to add your personality, some anecdotes, and insights. But, you are able to create an engaging podcast episode without starting from scratch. And you reach a wider audience in a fresh new way.

Build Credibility

Podcasting is also a great way to build credibility in your niche. Unlike some other marketing tools, podcasts allow you to delve deep into niche subjects. When you show a true depth of knowledge, you gain additional trust from your audience. Listeners will see you as an expert. Trust leads to higher conversions which leads to greater sales because people want to buy from and be associated with those who are credible and trustworthy.


Podcasting can help you reach a new and larger audience in many creative new ways. At the same time, your customers and prospects gain valuable information and insights that translate to stronger relationships, more referrals, and ultimately increased sales. Interested in learning how podcasting can work for you? Contact us, we can help.

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