Small Business
Website 101

What You Need to Know
to Launch Your New Website

Guide to Small Business Websites

Your free guide to begin your website journey.

We wrote this guide because there are many variables to consider when choosing the tools & technologies to create a new website. Our intention is to help you create an effective website that can grow with your business — no matter your budget.


  • Understanding common web terms and what they mean for your website
  • Knowing the specific purpose of your site and understanding your options to build it
  • Choosing a web hosting company with confidence
  • Having a defined plan for creating website content
  • Knowing when and how to work with a web professional
  • Launching your site and knowing it has all the elements needed to be successful

This guide to small business websites will give you insight on these topics and more so you can be confident in starting your new website project.

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In the Small Business Website 101 E-book, you will:

  • Gain greater understanding on how a website works and some basic terminology
  • Learn more about your options for building a website such as coding from scratch or using a content management system
  • Get more information on how to identify what kind hosting will work best for your website
  • Delve into the basics of creating content for your site
  •  Get specific checklist items that need to be covered before launching your site
  • Get more information about whether or not to work with a professional and how to choose the right one.

Hi, I’m Lindsey with Alt Creative

Having worked on hundreds of small business and non-profit websites, I’ve experienced first-hand the challenges many organizations face when starting their web design journey. Alt Creative’s goal is to always make the process as painless as possible for our customers and what we’ve learned over the years is that planning is key to the success of any website. 

In this guide, I’m bringing to you the vast knowledge that I’ve gained over the past 15 years to help you understand your options and make it easy for you to make the best decisions for your website in order to reach your online business goals.

The Small Business Website 101 e-book covers everything you need to know before you begin your website project.

This guide is intended to help businesses and entrepreneurs like you gain greater understanding into the web creation process. After reading this book you will have a working knowledge of how websites work, what your options are for building your site, and what you need to know when working with a web professional.

Small Business Website 101

This book is for you if…

  • You are a small business owner looking to grow the online presence of your company
  • You are a new business owner looking to establish an online foundation for your brand
  • You’re an author, coach, or thought-leader starting a website for your personal brand
  • You already have a website for your business, but are confused by the technical aspects to make it perform better
  • You are curious about when and how to work with a web professional
  • You are a interested in tools and resources for increasing your website performance

Now is the time to get started. Are you ready to learn more?

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