The Business Benefits of Being Thankful

The Business Benefits of Being Thankful

The Business Benefits of Being Thankful

We all know that Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks. I mean, it’s in the name of the holiday, for crying out loud. But more often than not, we save the thanks for our personal lives, not stopping to think about the many things we have to be thankful for in our careers. That’s a bit odd, as we spend the majority of our waking hours at work. What’s more, for the small business person, giving thanks can actually be a great method of strengthening business relationships, extending goodwill, and re-establishing your brand as one customers can trust. Let’s take a look at a few people to whom you might want to say “thanks,” and why doing to so will have a number of benefits for your business.


This one should be a no brainer. Customers and clients are the heart of what you do. Without them, you’d have no business. Maybe they’ve been your customer for years or maybe they’re brand new. Maybe they bought a big shipment when you really needed it the most, or they let you know when your Facebook post had a typo. Or, maybe you just feel like giving your whole customer base a pat on the back for being there. Whatever the cause, there’s no time like now to show a little gratitude.

Ways to Say Thank You

1) Send a thank you card. In today’s increasingly digital world, a paper thank you card can feel extra thoughtful. Try purchasing in bulk from a site like Minted for a design with a unique, handmade feel that really captures your personality.

2) Offer a discount. Whether it’s 5% or $5 off of every purchase, a little thank you discount can go a long way. Send your offer to customers directly through your mailing list, post your offer to your blog, and tweet the word out to your followers. Doing so can be a form of social media and content marketing, especially if your followers share the news. Who knows? You might just gain some new followers, expanding your social reach while solidifying your current customer base. That’s a great reason to say “thanks.”

3) Give a free gift with purchase. Who doesn’t love a little something extra in their shopping bag? Just like a discount, a free gift offer can be announced through your marketing channels, but it’s often better if you simply give your customers a gift at the register or during online checkout without much fanfare. Doing so will increase goodwill and really drive home just how grateful you are.


No one likes working for a company that takes them for granted. Employees that feel appreciated, challenged, respected and given room to grow will work harder to do a great job. They’ll also be more likely to brainstorm the kind of creative solutions upon which the best businesses thrive. Saying “thanks” to employees can cement your long term working relationships and ensure you’ve got yourself a loyal workforce that really realizing its potential. That’s good for them, good for you, and good for business.

Ways to Say Thank You

1) Throw a party. Nothing says “thanks” like taking a break midday to boogie down to Beyonce. Stock your party with your employees’ favorite treats, bring a party game or two, and make sure you take a few minutes to acknowledge each employee’s accomplishments in the year gone past.

2) Close the office early on a Friday. Sometimes, the best thank you for a job well done is getting to leave the job early. Whether you spring it on them last minute or give them weeks to plan, employees will appreciate knowing that their hard work means the chance to make the most of their Friday afternoons…or go home and take a nap.

3) Give a bonus. Why wait for the holidays to give that yearly bonus? This time of gratitude is the perfect time of year to fatten those employee checks. Even the slightest padding can be just the motivation your employees need to power them through the busy season to come.

Industry Colleagues

In the world of small business, networking and referrals can make all the difference between moderate success and really thriving. If a colleague has sent you many referrals or even any at all, that merits a huge, hearty thank you, both at the time of the referral and during this grateful time of year. Doing so will increase goodwill, as well as the likelihood of receiving more referrals down the line.

Ways to Say Thank You

1) Give a referral. Yep, the single best way to thank someone who sent a referral your way is to send one right back. Or, at the very least, connect your colleague with someone who can help their business, whether that’s a marketing expert to give your contact’s social media feed a boost or an interior designer to help with that new office look they’ve been talking about. Your recipient will be grateful for the aid, and the person who provides the services you’re gifting will in turn be likely to refer business to you in the future.

2) Treat them to lunch. Salad, soup, cheeseburgers. Whatever your recipient’s preferred lunchtime destination, treating them to a meal is a great way to increase goodwill. And if you have a passionate discussion about industry issues over those French fries, you’ll only confirm your colleagues view of you as an expert and trusted referral source. That’s a win-win (and delicious) situation.

3) Give them a shout-out on social media. Not only will this technique thank your referrer publicly, but you’ll also be exposing them to your engaged social media audience, potentially boosting their followers. In this way, you’ll be helping them with their presence and platform, growing their own business along the way. And chances are, they just might return the favor in the future, helping you build an interconnected web of referrals and platform boosting.


You know that business you started? Here’s a little secret: it wouldn’t be around with you. That’s your vision, your marketing and networking, your determination and your drive pumping life blood through your company’s veins. Unfortunately, most small business owners are so focused on constantly improving their business, they rarely take the time to appreciate what they do. This can lead to feeling like you’re constantly failing, no matter how much success you’re actually having, as there’s always something more that needs to be done.

Ways to Say Thank You

1) Take a 20-minute break in the middle of the afternoon. Sure, you usually like to power through until close, but a midday break can be rejuvenating, helping you to prevent complete burnout. Go for a walk, grab a coffee, or sit on a park bench in the sun, munching on a treat. The important thing is to get away from your desk and enjoy a little reprieve, totally guilt free.

2) Compile a list of your accomplishments. Seriously, you’ve achieved so much in the past year, month, week, and hey, probably even the past day. Listing out your accomplishments will help you really appreciate what it is you do, and will help you put to rest that feeling like you’ll never catch up. So list it out, and give yourself a pat on the back for being so creative and productive.

3) Go for a massage or manicure. Find yourself an indulgence and enjoy your reward. Maybe it’s a massage, a manicure, a handbag or a day off for a long bike ride. Just make sure to set your work worries aside and truly enjoy your treat so you can feel rewarded. You deserve it.

The Takeaway

Saying thank you is as good for business as it is for the mind, heart and soul. Make a list of who is most deserving of your thanks, start brainstorming how you’ll let them know, and start thanking. Happy almost-Thanksgiving!

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