What can Google Analytics tell you?

What can Google Analytics tell you?

Google Analytics is an analytics service offering analytical tools and statistics about a website. All Google account holders can use Google Analytics free of charge to gather visitor insights and track the performance of their websites.

Google Analytics provides an insight into user traffic and engagement, allowing website owners to shape their website marketing and SEO strategies accordingly. Here’s how Google Analytics can be instrumental in curating an effective SEO and marketing campaign.

Key Information in Google Analytics

Marketing is an integral aspect of any website, and Google Analytics can help us track how well our marketing campaigns are doing. Here are some things Google Analytics shows that could help to effectively marketing of any website.


Acquiring new customers is the key to a successful business. Google Analytics tells us where our website’s visitors are coming from.

This information can help us focus our marketing efforts on the channels that yield the most traffic and conversions. For instance, if we find that most of our website’s visitors come from social media, we can create more social media posts and spend money on influencer marketing.

We can use the Acquisition report to determine how many new visitors our website has acquired from different marketing channels. We can then use this data to focus on certain channels that are driving more traffic and allocate our resources accordingly. Google Analytics shows which of the following channels the traffic is coming from:

  • Social
  • Direct
  • Referral
  • Organic Search
  • Paid Search
  • Email


The Audience section of Google Analytics gives insights into who our website visitors are. This information can help us target our marketing campaigns more effectively.

For instance, if we find that most of our visitors are female and aged 18-24, we can create content and ads that appeal to this demographic. Here are some things the Audience tab tells us:

  • Gender: It’s useful to know the gender of our website’s visitors so that we can create content that appeals to them.
  • Age: Knowing the age group of our website’s visitors can help us target them more effectively with our marketing campaigns.
  • Location: Using this information, we can focus our marketing efforts on regions that are more likely to convert.
  • Interests: The Interests section of Google Analytics tells us what kind of websites our website’s visitors are interested in. We can use this information to create targeted ads and content.


Google Analytics has a Behavior section to learn everything about how people interact with our website. This tab can show which pages on our website are most popular.

We can then apply the SEO tactics used on these particular pages to the rest of the website to yield similar results in terms of conversions and engagement. Similarly, we can see which pages may not be performing well and identify places that require adjustment.

Using Key Information in SEO Strategy

Now that we know that Google Analytics can tell us a lot about our website visitors, here are some ways to track SEO performance with Google Analytics.

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console syncs with Google Analytics and tells us about the keywords our target audience is searching for. It also identifies the kind of content they come across and how well it ranks on Google.

We can use this information to create an SEO-based content marketing strategy to improve our content’s ranking on Google. In addition, the Google Search Console also gives additional information, such as clicks, impressions, and search queries. Using these details, we u can improve our pages’ titles and meta descriptions to make them more attractive to potential visitors.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a great way to measure the success of our SEO campaigns. For example, we can use Google AdWords to see how many people clicked on our ads after seeing them on search engine results pages (SERPs). It will also give an idea of which keywords attract more paid traffic.

Google Analytics Reports

To improve the website’s SEO performance, we need to know how visitors interact with the website. What is the conversion rate? How do people come to the website?

Google Analytics allows users to generate quarterly, yearly, or even monthly reports to get these insights. Meanwhile, the Multi-Channel funnel report shows how many conversions were facilitated by SEO.

Together, this information can help us decide if we need to work on link-building. Maybe, we should use different keywords or improve other aspects of our SEO strategy.


As evident, Google Analytics is a robust tool that provides a wealth of information about website visitors. By understanding how people interact with our website, we can make the necessary changes to improve our SEO and website marketing performance.


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