Out of Office Policies + Procedures

Out of Office Information

Upcoming Out of Office time is listed below. You can also view or subscribe to our OOO calendar to be notified about any new Out of Office time is added to our schedule.

2024 Out of Office dates* include:
May 27, May 31st, Jun 26-30, Jul 3-11

*Dates are subject to change

What happens when we’re Out of Office?

A message from Lindsey:

As the owner and only full-time employee, out of office time for me is inevitable. While we do usually have a virtual assistant on-hand to field some incoming requests, generally work done is limited. However, I take great care to check in often while I am out and I am careful to schedule projects and client needs around any planned time out of the office.

When I am out, responses to emails and texts may be slower than usual, but rest assured that I am watching for critical requests. These critical maintenance tasks and change requests will still be taken care of during this time, but meetings, site launches, and/or rush tasks will be impacted.

If I am out of the office and you have an emergency (i.e. website outage), text me at anytime at 512-535-0444.