Why We Love WordPress

Why We Love WordPress

At Alt Creative, we understand the need for an easy-to-use content management system. We’d struggled with CMS platforms for years – we’ve tried Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, and more. But WordPress is hands down our favorite. Here’s why…


We are a custom design company, so we dislike using rigid CMS templates. WordPress gives us the most control over the look of a website down to the page level.

Ease of Use

Not only is WordPress easy for us to customize and add content, it is most importantly easy for our clients to add and edit content. We find that training a client on WordPress is far easier than the other CMS solutions out there because of how intuitive it is.

Large Developer Base

WP allows for users/programmers to create plugins for users to install in their CMS. There is a wide base of developers creating plugins for WordPress, which allows the functionality of it to be extended. In addition, creating WordPress plugins is pretty easy for a seasoned developer so it makes custom functionality easy to create.


WordPress began as a blogging platform. Updated content and expert knowledge have become necessary for repeat web traffic. With WordPress, that functionality is built in and out of the box.


WordPress allows you to give multiple users access to the control panel without having to give them complete admin access. This is great if you want to allow others to contribute to your site without worrying about them overwriting your page content.




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