Why We Love: EventBrite

Why We Love: EventBrite

Planning an event? Feel a little lost? Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Eventbrite is an online service that people everywhere can use to create, share, and join any event imaginable. Eventbrite enables event creation, promotion and ticket sales. They help people discover events that match their passions and they let everyone share the events they’re creating or joining, bringing more people together around the world.

Eventbrite lets you:

Create professional and customizable webpage for your event.

Eventbrite gives you simple tools let you create an event webpage with logos, images, and URL, and send barcoded tickets. You event webpage is available online or mobile, it’s quick and easy for people to buy tickets and register for your event. You can also easily collect money online with our credit card processor, PayPal, Google Checkout, and more.

Promote the Event
Eventbrite allows you to email personalized invitations to your contact lists. Keep your event private, or automatically list your public events on search engines and their directory. You can increase your turnout by letting attendees promote your event on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to their friends and network.

Manage Attendees
Print a guest list or use our free Entry Manager app to check in people and scan barcoded tickets with your phone. Attendees can access your event info and tickets on the go with the Eventbrite mobile app. You can also sell tickets and collect customer info with our secure At The Door™ mobile box office app for the iPad.

Use Eventbrite for:

• Fundraisers
• Parties
• Trainings
• Conferences
• Concerts
• Performances
• Festivals
• Political events
• Sports and races
• Retreats
• Religious events
• Classes

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