Why We Love: Adobe Creative Cloud

Why We Love: Adobe Creative Cloud

Design software is crucial to any design company. It’s impossible to create high quality designs and brand identities without the right tools. The best graphic design software comes from Adobe and their creative suite of products can come with a pretty heft price tag – until now! Adobe has just released their Creative Cloud and with it comes the ability to always have the latest Adobe products for a reasonable monthly fee. That in itself makes for some serious Adobe love, but there is much more to the Creative Cloud. This month, we are listing some of our favorite features.

The Tools:

As we mentioned, Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to download the latest Adobe software. The big names are there – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks, Acrobat and Flash. But some lesser known – yet amazingly helpful at times – programs are available too such as Lightroom, Premiere, After Effects, Muse, and Dreamweaver.

The Apps:

In addition to the great software for your computer, Adobe Creative Cloud lets you download apps for your mobile devices as well. Currently available are: Proto for wireframing, Collage for creating mood boards, Kuler for creating color schemes, Debut for presenting your designs, and Ideas for sketching.

Sync, Store, and Share:

The Adobe Creative Cloud comes with cloud storage and file syncing abilities so you can share and collaborate. We love being able to access our designs from anywhere including our mobile devices.

Access to Web Fonts:

If you’ve read our blog or newsletter before, you’ve probably learned about our obsession with fonts. Thanks to Adobe Typekit and services like it, we are able to embed non-standard fonts into our web designs which not only creates a more refined look, but also helps with SEO and future site editing. Adobe Typekit is one of the leaders in web font services and it has a huge library of web fonts for us to use!

Always Up-to-Date:

We’re designers, so naturally we like to be on the cutting edge of, well, pretty much everything. Not only does having the latest software help us with our ability to design, but it also helps when we share files with other designers, developers and print companies. With Adobe Cloud, installation of software updates is super easy.


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