Website Trends 2020: What to Expect From the Top Designs of Tomorrow

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Website Trends 2020: What to Expect From the Top Designs of Tomorrow

Web design has evolved dramatically in the past several years. Trends that recently dominated the digital sphere now seem hopelessly out of date. The pace of change isn’t about to ease up in the near future — and brands that fail to shift their strategy accordingly risk falling behind.

To stay ahead of the curve, consider implementing a few of the following website trends, which are expected to make their mark in 2020:

Minimalist Design

The minimalist look was a big deal in 2019 — and it’s fully expected to carry forward into the new year.

Users hate visual clutter. Many demand modern web designs as bright and clean as the expansive HGTV kitchens they highlight on their Pinterest pages. That being said, the white space traditionally associated with minimalist design may not prove as dominant in 2020. Increasingly, designers see value in brighter colors, which can be included without creating excessive digital clutter.

Minimalist web design takes many forms. What works for one website could prove disastrous elsewhere. In general, however, minimalist looks tone down visual elements and emphasize broad expanses of empty space. This, in turn, draws the eye to focal points, which prove that much more impactful in the absence of distraction.

For 2020, determine where you can cut back. Is every visual element truly necessary? Focus on the essentials and avoid clutter at all costs.

Enlarged Text And Visual Elements

As minor visual elements are stripped back, focal points will become bolder than ever. Oversized text, in particular, resonates with today’s users, who overwhelmingly prefer concise, easy-to-grasp messages. This trend is also in keeping with the increased emphasis on mobile-friendly design. As screens shrink, users are less willing to squint at small text.

To achieve a bolder look while still maintaining the tenets of minimalism, many sites will opt for fullscreen displays featuring large typography. This approach emphasizes each brand’s key message to ensure that it immediately resonates with visitors. From there, users can move forward with their website experience as they see fit.

Fullscreen styles should not be confused with the splash pages of yesteryear, which users found frustrating. When integrated properly, fullscreen designs can coexist with a seamless experience, especially as smartphone users swipe or scroll to desired content.


Website visitors overwhelmingly prefer to take an active role in digital experiences. Passive content once dominated the web, but in 2020, interactive features will take over. Users will come to expect engaging animations, including small, but impactful mouse hover effects that add movement and visual interest to otherwise standard webpages.

The most effective designs of tomorrow will not simply be interactive because visitors find it entertaining, but rather, because such experiences provide a better feel for the elements that make brands unique. Interactive content should instantly convey core messages while also delivering an emotional impact.

Focus on the User

User experience has long been a big deal in web design, but it promises to play an even more important role in 2020. The websites of tomorrow will be carefully customized to grant visitors the exact experience they desire. Success will require thinking from the end user’s perspective, rather than attempting to force a specific type of experience or reaction on visitors.

Emerging trends can play a valuable role in your website’s design — especially if you’re determined to avoid stale and ineffective content. Ultimately, however, your brand will benefit most from emphasizing the unique needs of your target audience.

Which features do top users prefer? What could they stand to do without? Keep these considerations at the forefront as you harness the trends of 2020. After all, a quality user experience never goes out of style.

There’s a lot to love about the latest developments in web design. Your unique approach matters, however — and with complicated concepts taking center stage, you can benefit from targeted assistance. Our team at AltCreative is happy to help. Contact us today to learn more.


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