Discover the Latest Web Design Trends

Discover the Latest Web Design Trends

Discover the Latest Web Design Trends

Trends in web design reflect the ever changing needs of users. With each passing year, people demand different user experiences from websites and apps which means it’s important for designers to stay on top of the latest web design trends. Discover which web design trends are having the biggest impact on users and winning new customers for businesses across verticals.

Hapnotic Feedback

A word that combines “haptic” and “hypnotic” the concept for Hapnotic feedback is to entice users into a specific action with a sequence of pulses and vibrations. For instance, if a user is sitting on a contact page without filling out the form, Hapnotic feedback can remind the person to hit the Contact Us Now button. While this concept is still very new, UX experts assert that this modification acts as a subtle form of hypnosis that inspires the user to take action.

Transitional Elements

With faster than ever Internet speeds, users expect immediacy. This equates to people becoming tense when having to wait between actions. However, with the use of transition elements, web designers can ease interstitial anxiety while users wait for the next action to occur. Make load times less stressful for your audience with some clever transitions.  


With over half of the world’s population connected online, many users are new to the digital landscape. Failure-mapping informs designers about how to anticipate and model incorrect usage scenarios. UX designers that plot failure-mapping build in fail safes for Internet newbies. Therefore, if a user ends up in on the wrong page, a smart web design will make it easier for that person to navigate to where they intended to visit.

Advanced Parallax Effects

This trend was huge in 2016, and it has only gotten more popular as web designers find one-of-a-kind ways to incorporate parallax scrolling effects into their products. Make every mouse movement with cleverly programmed parallax effects that make your product stand out from the crowd.


Products that offer users one path were all the rage in 2015. An app such as Uber minimized the number of decisions a user had to make and simplified the process of hitching a ride. In 2017, users want full control of their UX which means web designers must delineate oversimplified products. You want to make multiple paths available for a user to find exactly what they want. It might sound needlessly complex but if users want options, that what you must give them.


Every time a user likes a post on Instagram, they are engaging in a microinteraction. People are more than willing to engage in dozens these microinteractions on any given day. This means web designers can create opportunities for microinteractions throughout a website to engage users as they browse. Whether it’s logging through a social media account or clicking on a preference, it’s your job to find easy ways to get clicks from your audience.

Video with Sound

Within a user’s hands, they hold the power to view high-quality videos with extraordinary sound. People watch videos all day, every day and they can’t get enough. Incorporate videos with sound into your user experience for optimal results. Also, make it easy for users to turn sound on and off so they are in control of the overall experience.

Tamagotchi Gesture

Remember those keychain-sized microcomputers that were popular during the late 1990s? Kids across the world collected these digital pets and tended to their every need obsessively. Years later, the concept of having to constantly to check in with something to maintain a positive user experience has transformed into the concept of the Tamagotchi Gesture.

Autonomous devices like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home create a disconnect between the user and the product because no care is required. However, apps and websites that perform better when a user is regularly checking in are increasingly popular. While it might seem to provide no real purpose, people are drawn to the created need for love and attention. UX designers who can incorporate this concept into their products will see increased engagement from users.


Bold and colorful, users are responding to gradient usage that is integrated into web design. Even Facebook has taken note of this popular design technique and made it possible for users to post status updates with gradient backgrounds. The more UX designers can use gradients in unique ways, the better response they will see from their target audience.

Curious how the latest web design trends can impact your business? Maybe you want to incorporate some of these web design trends into your existing website. Speak with the web design experts at Alt Creative today to learn how we can improve the digital experience for your target audience.

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