Wearing Many Hats: Support Your Employees in a Startup Environment

Wearing Many Hats: Support Your Employees in a Startup Environment

Wearing Many Hats: Support Your Employees in a Startup Environment

Shockingly, nine out of 10 startups fail. For some it’s because they’ve lost focus, others find that there’s no market need for the product. In many cases it’s because of scaling too quickly. Don’t end up a statistic. Keep your team small, your vision clear and work with some of the best business tools available.

Learn from LinkedIn’s Lynda.com

In a startup environment, it’s normal for employees to wear many hats on the job. But sometimes your employees might need to brush up on their skills if they are working on something that’s outside of their skill set. Lynda.com, which is a LinkedIn company, gives employees access to online video tutorials and training directly from their laptops and smartphones. From developers and designers to business or video topics, Lynda.com has courses that cover thousands of topics that can support your employees. More than 4 million people from companies like Microsoft, Adobe and NBC have used Lynda.com to learn valuable new skills. Lynda even offers cost-effective group plans tailored for businesses to provide training for everyone at your startup.

Take Notes with a Smartpen

For employees who write a lot, from taking notes to keeping track of project ideas, make sure they never miss an important note with a digital smart pen. Livescribe smartpens can record audio and convert notes into a digital format that can be uploaded to a computer or mobile device. These features make them a must-have for meetings, presentations and even office-wide brainstorming sessions.

Save Time on Social with Buffer

Sometimes your marketing maven might be your social media expert, too. That’s why all startups should be using a social media analytics tool that takes the guesswork out of measuring social reach on a variety of different social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Using a system like Buffer for Business can ensure that your social-marketing team is reaching their target audience and driving traffic to the site. Additionally, Buffer’s publishing tools make sharing across multiple platforms as easy as one click, so your team can move on to their next project, fast.

One Device, Multiple Uses

No two people work alike. Some might prefer working at a desk, while others prefer working outside or on a cozy bean bag. Make sure that everyone is happy and productive at the office by offering a two-in-one device like Lenovo’s Yoga Laptop series. The versatile PCs can be converted to work in four different ways, including tented, stand, laptop or tablet. So whatever the circumstance or scenario, you can bet your employees have the right device to take notes, show a presentation or video conference with ease.

Charge Up By Using Solar

Tech is important to startups. And making sure that you’ve always got a full-battery is even more important. Give your employees the latest in technology and make sure their devices are always charged by offering solar USB chargers to your team. These portable chargers use the energy from the sun and can be taken anywhere, so you can rest assured that your team never loses charge if they are meeting with a client or traveling while on the job. The charger can supply tablets and smartphones with battery life as well as any device that is USB-chargeable.

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