Transform Your Boring Office Space into a Reflection of You

Transform Your Boring Office Space into a Reflection of You

Transform Your Boring Office Space into a Reflection of You

Spending long hours at the office but looking at nothing but industrial, boring beige walls? Does your cubicle look uninviting? Wish you could bring some style to your work space and create a look that is the envy of your co-workers? Rejuvenate your office space with these simple tips for to give your space professional style. Whatever you choose to do, transform your space into something that reflects your style, passions and personality.

Treat Yourself to Monthly Flower Delivery

If you work for yourself, odds are you don’t have co-workers or supervisors to send you flowers. But there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the spontaneity of fresh flowers for your desk. Purchase a 12-month delivery and enjoy seasonal beauties year-round.

Commit a Day to Reorganization

Reorganization only happens when you build it into your schedule. Consider your personal style and taste. Like industrial modern? Update shelving, storage containers and accessories with cool steel, leather or cedar pieces. Shabby chic more your style? Revamp your bulletin board to a retro-chic burlap memo board and accent your wall or door with a whitewashed-framed chalkboard which you can make by repurposing a thrift store frame and chalkboard paint from your hardware store. Whatever your style, collect all your items first and take a day to put it all to work in your space.

Add Color

Are you in a cubicle with metal or fabric walls? Nothing changes your mood about your work space more than fresh color. Color can also make you more productive. Cut new fabric at your local fabric store and tuck carefully under the cube framing to create a wallpaper look. (You can pin it up too.) If you have walls you can paint, consider a blue which is considered the most productive color. Or choose a yellow if your job requires high creativity. Find lighting, storage and accessories in a bold, alternative color such as orange or purple to keep your emotional energy in high gear.

Go for Fun

If your space is large enough, consider adding a “kids’ corner” filled with pillows, books for all ages, blocks and a small dry-erase board. Pint-sized visitors will be glad to have a place of their own while their parent is in the office.

If your personality is more on the light-hearted and youthful side, find cool accessories that everyone will talk about; maybe a Lego pencil holder with a matching tape dispenser. Video game aficionados will drool over a Tetris-inspired shelving unit or retro Atari Asteroids decals on the wall. Hide mind-numbing florescent panels with new light diffusers that look like blue or night sky.

Make Room for Pooch

If dogs are allowed in your workplace or you work from home, create a cozy nook for your four-legged visitors. Add a dog crate that doubles as a side table to keep Rover calm and contained. Do-it-yourselfers, re-purpose a thrift store wooden chair into a dog watering and feeding station by sawing a hole in the seat large enough to inset a metal dog bowl. You can also cut a new seat top to place over the bowl in case any human visitors need a space to sit down.

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