Elements of a Compelling Blog Post

Elements of a Compelling Blog Post

Elements of a Compelling Blog Post

Check out the numbers. The data demonstrates exactly why every small business should use a blog as a marketing method. Shoppers rely on the information provided from blog posts, it’s a proven strategy for increasing lead generation, and it plays an invaluable component in your overall content marketing efforts. There are a variety of elements that combine to create compelling blog posts. Luckily, these tips for effective blog posts will detail exactly how to conjure and craft high-quality content.

Sound Content Marketing Strategy

Without an overall content marketing strategy to guide your efforts, your business blog will be a bust. You have to strategically plan the content you’ll create for the blog, and incorporate it into your other marketing techniques, such as email and social media. Cultivating new content to engage your target audience is a vital component of sustaining and growing your business. Your content marketing strategy is the map that will navigate the direction you take with your blog.

Clickable Titles  

Any writer will tell you that writing a whole book is a breeze compared to selecting the right title. It’s a rather challenging exercise: you want a title to be creative but not cryptic, informative but not revealing, concise but not lacking.

So why did you click on this blog post? Did the title make you curious to know more? The title of your blog post has to inspire readers. Besides making good use of methodically-chosen keywords, a blog title needs to capture a user’s attention and interest them enough to want to click through to and read the post. Use strong, descriptive language and keep your audience in mind as you play around with different titles.

Thoughtful Design

We live in a multimedia world, and evocative imagery is a key part of compelling storytelling. If your blog looks outdated, poorly organized, or unclear, people are going to navigate away without a second thought. Work with a web developer to design a blog site that considers your audience and delivers the visual experience they desire. Invest in a graphic designer who will customize images for each post.

Attention-Grabbing Opener

You’ve spent a lot of time brainstorming and researching. You’ve uncovered all of this interesting, valuable knowledge that many people will find useful. However, no one is going to dive deep into your post if they can’t stay awake while reading the first paragraph. Whether it’s an astounding statistic, brilliant quote, or a breakthrough piece of data, capture your reader from the get-go.

Applicable Depth

The Internet has exponentially expanded the amount of content available to anyone anywhere at any time. What will set your blog post apart from the rest is that you present the reader with knowledge that applies directly to their life. The content taps into their wants and needs and delivers value that no one else can provide.

For instance, you own a print shop and you want to increase sales of banners. You can’t just write a blog promoting your banner services. Rather, you should put together a blog that explains why professionally printed banners are imperative for any business or event. This inspires the reader to learn about banners and hopefully purchase one from your company.

Trustworthy External Sources

In a world where anyone can disagree with a fact by claiming it’s “fake news” the importance of reliable sources of information is greater than ever before. As an expert, your opinion is valuable to your colleagues and clients but it has to be supported by external sources to validate it. Use trusted sources to substantiate your claims. Demonstrate to users that you are correct in your assertions because other industry experts, unbiased news sources, and independent research organizations have evidence to support you.

Clear Calls-to-Action

One main reason your company writes and publishes blog content is to increase business. Therefore, you have to include an easy way for blog readers to do that, whether it’s a link to buy now or a form to contact you.

For example, you’ve read all these tips for effective blog posts but you probably still have some questions. This is where Alt Creative is going to tell you to contact us today to learn how content marketing can benefit your small business with our team of seasoned professionals. See? We distinctly asked you to take a specific action with our company. Easy enough, right?

Far too many small businesses opt out of using their blog as a marketing tool. Don’t be one of those companies that realize down the road that all along, you should have been blogging consistently. Request a quote for blog marketing services now.

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