Take Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Beyond Facebook

Take Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Beyond Facebook

Take Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Beyond Facebook

With news of the Cambridge Analytica data breach and Mark Zuckerberg testifying in front of Congress, Facebook’s future is a little murky. Many organizations that once relied on the popular social media platform for brand promotion and audience engagement are looking at social media marketing options on other channels. Especially since many users opted into the #DeleteFacebook movement, brands need to reconnect with people who took their social media presence elsewhere.

Yes, People Use Other Social Media Channels

To many, Facebook is the end-all be-all for social media marketing. With 2.2 billion monthly active users, it’s hard to believe that any other platform can compete with what Facebook has to offer businesses.

While no other social media site can boast those kinds of numbers, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have their own hoards of loyal users. More than 250 million people maintain active presences on LinkedIn. There are 330 million monthly active users on Twitter. Instagram has over 500 million people accessing the app, with at least 35 percent of those individuals checking their feeds multiple times in a single day. Pinterest engages a more niche audience but the platform still has 175 million monthly active users.

LinkedIn Marketing

If your company falls into the B2B category, LinkedIn is far more important to your social media marketing efforts than Facebook ever was or could be down the road. However, it doesn’t matter if you run a non- or for-profit organization because everyone should have a LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn is the platform professionals use to connect and learn about their industry. That means businesses need to keep their followers, peers, and potential job candidates well informed about company updates, thought leadership pieces, and industry news. Additionally, paid LinkedIn marketing allows companies to target specific audiences to engage the right people with your content and opportunities.

Twitter Marketing

A microblogging site, Twitter offers enterprises the chance to really communicate with their clients and potential leads by contributing to a larger conversation related to your business. Building on popular hashtags and jumping into ongoing dialogues about hot topics, brands have the power to establish genuine personas on Twitter.

Instagram Marketing

The brilliant minds behind the addictive photo sharing platform developed outstanding tools for businesses to promote their products and services to Instagram users. Similar to Twitter, jump into ongoing conversations using existing hashtags or create your own for followers to include in their own Instagram posts. For brands that have the resources to create unique photos and videos, Instagram is an absolute must.

Pinterest Marketing

While not ideal for B2B companies, Pinterest works outstandingly for lifestyle brands wanting to reach new audiences. Set up different boards to highlight not only the products your business sells but information that illustrates your brand’s persona. For instance, a yoga studio could use Pinterest to promote classes and teachers but also talk about nutrition, meditation, events, and other topics related to the practice.

Even though Facebook was once the go-to social media marketing platform for businesses, trends indicate that people are experimenting with other apps and sites. If you are curious about how your organization can embrace different social media channels to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness, contact Alt Creative today.

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