Special Offer: Let us help you secure your WordPress website

Special Offer: Let us help you secure your WordPress website

WordPress has become a huge success in the Web Design industry with over 60 million websites built on the CMS platform. In technology, such popularity inevitably comes with hackers and security holes. We’ve been making the latest security updates for our maintenance customers and now we want to give all of our clients the same peace of mind.
For a limited time, we are offering a special price of $99 (normally $150) on WordPress maintenance and security updates. These updates include:

  • Backing up your site pre-update
  • Updating your WordPress to the latest and most secure version
  • Protecting important configuration files
  • Hiding the WP version in the header of your site
  • Limiting failed login attempts
  • Creating a stronger password
  • Installing a security scan plugin
  • Adding custom security keys
  • Changing the administrative user/pass (if necessary)
  • Backing up your site post-update

Contact us today to install these security updates at this special price. Email info@www.alt-creative.com to sign up or to learn more.

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