Off-Season Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Off-Season Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Off-Season Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Whether your company experiences an annual slow season or you’re simply going through a slump, off-season marketing techniques allow you to combat this issue. While there may not always be a way to avoid the slump entirely, strategically marketing during the off-season can improve sales and reinvigorate your client base. We’ve compiled a list of slow season marketing suggestions to help you transform the off-season into a successful time of the year.

Get Up-To-Date

When your business is busy, you barely have the time to stay on top of everything. However, the slow season gives you the opportunity to catch up with projects and ideas that fell by the wayside.

Those blog posts you didn’t get to, the social media profiles that need updating, the email campaign idea you’ve been noodling over for months. Now is the time to give all of these initiatives the attention they deserve.

Re-Engage Old Leads

When did you last send a targeted message to potential leads? Those interested parties may only need to hear from you to re-engage their curiosity about your company. Focusing your off-season marketing efforts on people who have already shown interest in your business is an easy way to grab that low-hanging fruit.   

As you reach out to these leads, use the analytics generated from your email marketing software to clean out your subscriber list. Remove any users that didn’t open your messages, deleted them, or ones that bounced back. Once you’ve cleaned out your subscriber list, your messaging will only be delivered to those who are interested in shopping your business.

Revisit your Marketing Strategy

Really put your downtime to good use by examining your marketing strategy to see if there are any changes that should be made. Maybe you need to invest time in keyword research for your PPC campaigns. Perhaps your website content needs to be updated to reflect new products or services. Spending time evaluating your current marketing strategy can result in new ideas for generating business.

Offer Special Promotions to Regulars

Most businesses find success by building a loyal customer base. Reward their loyalty by offering your regulars exclusive discounts that are only good during the off-season. Sweeten the deal by adding complementary products and/or services when they make a purchase.

Also, your regular clients are an untapped resource for potential leads. Ask these individuals for referrals and send them a coupon or gift certificate to show your appreciation. This will only encourage these people to continue using your business.

If your business is in need of more customer reviews, entice clients to take this action by providing an incentive to do so. When a customer writes a review on Google, LinkedIn, Yelp, or Facebook for your company, give them something to show your appreciation, such as a one-time offer for an exclusive service/product.

Connect Locally

With everything online, companies often overlook opportunities to build business locally. Don’t discount what your local audience can do to bolster sales. Brainstorm how your company can ingratiate itself into the community.

For example, work with other small businesses in the area to market products and services together. Sponsor a local children’s sports team to help get your name out there. Offer to write guest blog posts for local news sites.

Reach Out to Niche Audiences

Sometimes the most effective strategy for building a business is working with a smaller target audience. If you are attempting to grab everyone’s attention, your message may go unnoticed. However, niche audiences appreciate having their specific needs addressed.

Rather than trying to engage everyone, reach out to the niche audience that can use your products or services. Find unique ways to whet their appetite to drive purchases. These niche audiences can quickly convert into regular customers if you engage them now.

Become Socially Responsible

There’s always a reason not to get involved when your business is busy. However, while things are slow, invest the time in partnering with a non-profit organization. Socially responsible businesses see higher brand loyalty, increased opportunities to generate leads, and improve public image.

Don’t Slow Down

Just because it is your off-season, doesn’t mean you should slow down your marketing efforts. Continue publishing blog posts. Keep posting content regularly on your social media channels. Off-season marketing means rethinking your tactics, not discontinuing them. Find seasonal tie-ins for marketing techniques to engage your target audience.

If you’d like to use your slow season to overhaul your content marketing strategy, visual identity, or company website, contact the experts at Alt Creative now. Our team of dedicated, seasoned professionals can help you turn your off-season around and improve business overall.  

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