Marketing Funnel Stages: Convert Leads into Sales at the Bottom

Marketing Funnel Stages: Convert Leads into Sales at the Bottom

Marketing Funnel Stages: Convert Leads into Sales at the Bottom

In our previous article about the marketing funnel, we discussed how your target audience evaluates your business during the middle of the funnel. At the bottom of the marketing funnel, leads have the potential to actually convert into paying customers. But how do you nurture these leads so they spend money with your company? Just like throughout the rest of marketing funnel, you have to understand the goals, content types, and metrics for the conversion stage of the process.

Goals at the Bottom of the Marketing Funnel

Obviously, the main goal at the bottom of the marketing funnel is to convert leads into sales. However, there’s so much more you should aspire to do with your growing list of leads. At the conversion stage, your team should work to:

  • Nurture leads with content to keep them engaged with your organization.
  • Continue growing your retargeting lists to follow up with people who visit your sales pages but don’t make a purchase.
  • Maximize immediate customer value by offering related products or services to increase the total cost of their purchase.
  • Increase customer retention, so users return to purchase from your company again in the future.
  • Increase buyer frequency, so shoppers regularly buy from your business.

Bottom of the Funnel Marketing Content Types

At this point in the marketing funnel, it might seem as though you have offered your leads every type of content available. To close the deal, you have to continue engaging leads with content that demonstrates why they should finally make a purchase from your business.

  • Demo/Free Trial: Give people a first-hand experience with the product or service.
  • Customer Story: Create stories based on the customer avatars you made at the top of the marketing funnel to demonstrate why your target audience should buy your product/service.
  • Webinar/Event: While you can host webinars and events during the middle of the marketing funnel as an educational opportunity, at the bottom of the funnel these should focus on pitching your product or service.
  • Mini-Class: Teach your leads about a topic or task related to your product or service so you can sell said product/service at the end.

Measuring Success at the Bottom of Marketing Funnel

You’ve put so much work into improving and streamlining your marketing funnel. While you track important metrics throughout the funnel, the ones at the bottom are especially crucial to measuring the success of your campaign. Metrics to examine at the bottom of the marketing funnel include:

  • The number of sales qualified leads (SQLs), inquiries, MQLs (marketing qualified leads) and sales.  
  • Offer conversion rate
  • Promo email open and click-through rates
  • Retargeting list growth
  • Average customer value
  • Retention rate
  • Buyer recency/frequency

Executing a marketing funnel strategy requires the guidance of an expert marketer. With so many pieces of content to create and metrics to track, a seasoned professional will make the entire process much easier to manage. If you need help developing a funnel marketing program for your organization, connect with Alt Creative now. Our team is prepared to work with your business to create a funnel marketing campaign required to generate much-needed leads.  

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