Inexpensive Mobile Tech to Support your On-the-Go Marketing Team

Inexpensive Mobile Tech to Support your On-the-Go Marketing Team

Inexpensive Mobile Tech to Support your On-the-Go Marketing Team

According to a report by AT&T and the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, American small-business owners save more than $65 billion a year thanks to mobile technologies. Part of that savings is a result of reduced overhead and increased productivity to work on-the-go. But mobility and accessibility are just a few reasons to focus on mobile technology. Keeping your marketing team connected while in the field means more opportunity to work on your campaigns and a streamlined focus on your bottom line.

Upgrade your smartphone

It’s not enough to simply be available while on the road. An upgraded smartphone with a high-resolution screen, enhanced audio and quality camera can not only keep you well-connected, but offer opportunity to market your company on-the-go.

Show prospective clients graphs, charts, videos and sound bytes of your product to land a sale wherever you are. A smartphone like the HTC One M9 features 20 hours of talk time and a 20MP camera with Sapphire Glass Lens. Your team doesn’t have to worry about running out of battery life before recharging and can take shots from the field.

Leverage location-based marketing

Tap into location-based services marketing (LBS) with a campaign focused on apps like Foursquare, Facebook and Google. Entice your clients and audience to check-in to your place of business in exchange for rewards like discounts and reward points.

The LBS technique is especially useful for businesses with multiple locations like coffee shops and retail shops looking to drum up a buzz about their product. Your marketing team can take it a step further and organize a networking event or party and ask guests to check-in to help spread the word.

Strap on a smartwatch

A smartphone isn’t the only way for marketers to stay in touch on-the-go. Smartwatches are flooding the market with the ability to do everything from make calls to capture video footage and listen to music. Live event marketers can use their smartwatch to take spontaneous footage of a concert or festival to send back to the team for instant feedback. Your staff can also receive email and push notifications right to their watch for quick access. Working totally hands-free can free up time and skyrocket productivity.

Bluetooth for vehicles

You can’t exactly check your email from your phone or smartwatch while driving without finessing the voice control and compromising your safety. Instead, rely on voice activated bluetooth to get your marketing team the information they need on-the-go. Devices like TomTom’s hands-free car kit features one-touch voice control activation, so you can dial without removing your hands from the wheel. The microphone ensures your conversations are crisp and clear. Simply say a name and instantly connect with a team member to go over a promotion or new idea.

Employ QR codes

Keeping your marketing brochures on-hand is simple enough with a tablet or smartphone, but no longer necessary. Attach a QR code (Quick Response) to your product, flyer or promotion so potential customers can scan and access your website instantaneously. QR codes can work just about anywhere, including a gallery or in a retail store to get more information about the artwork or dress the customer is interested in.

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