Future Fashionistas: 5 Steps for Growing Your Instagram Visibility

Future Fashionistas: 5 Steps for Growing Your Instagram Visibility

Future Fashionistas: 5 Steps for Growing Your Instagram Visibility

If you want to make a name for yourself as a fierce fashionista, make friends with Instagram. Beyond having a nose for clothes and a rocking blog, you need to get your name known. And for fashion bloggers and style gawkers, the holy road to fame (and maybe fortune, who knows?) is this highly visual service where photos and social engagement converge. Amp up your visibility on Instagram in these five steps.

1. Beautify Your Page

Before you set out to win friends and entice new followers, seed your Instagram page with beautiful photos from your fashion files. Take a cue from style heavyweights like Aimee Song of songofstyle who artfully strings together her story. Consider trimming back on distracting personal pictures, so your style sense shines through. Sure you want your page to express your personality, but too many photos of your dog (or late-night drinking binges and so on) can muddle your message. Consider this step as part of crafting your visual storyline.

2. Tag Your Posts

Awesome pictures rule on Instagram, obviously, but don’t underestimate the power of words. Write a short comment about each of your photos and include two or three key hashtags (you can include up to 30 tags per post according to Instagram, but don’t). Use relevant hashtags like #fashion and #style, so your photos show up in these channels. Tools like Websta can help you identify other popular hashtags in your niche. For example, shoe fashionistas have a more specific set that includes #shoestagram, #shoesaddict and #shoeslover. On the flipside, you can follow these same hashtags by using tools like Tagboard.

3. Sharpen Your Shots

Back to that subject of awesome photos. One much-loved, much-used (and some would say overused) feature of Instagram is the ability to apply filters to your photos. But surprisingly, a study by TrackMaven revealed that photos with no filter got the most engagement. Experiment with what resonates with your audience and test out collage-maker apps like Photo Grid (free for iOS and Android), which also enables you to add text, filters, backgrounds and fun stickers.

4. Form Your Clique

Now that you have an Instagram page worthy of eyeballs, it’s time to step up your game and expand your community. First, resist the urge to use one of those spammy, instant-gratification services. You want real people who love fashion, right? Start by following anyone and everyone within your niche. And then, like and comment on photos that speak to you. A rapid-fire way to do this is using a tool like Iconosquare, which gives you the power to search hashtags and like/comment from your desktop.

Besides other fashionistas and stylists, follow designers and fashion icons for inspiration. Style trendsetters like Coach sprinkle their Instagram pages with glimpses of the season’s haute looks. Fashion rags like InStyle Magazine are abuzz with everything from seen-on-the-street looks to photo shoot behind-the-scenes. Don’t be shy about leaving a tasteful comment or two on these big shot pages. You never know who might be watching.

5. Keep on Being Awesome

Once you’ve gotten the hang of Instagram, keep your followers nipping at your heels with a consistent (yet not overbearing) stream of your fashion brilliance. Come up with your own hashtag that encapsulates your style. Continue to interact with your audience and compliment fellow fashionistas for their style sense. Keep on being authentic and awesome, and even if fame and fortune doesn’t follow, you’ll be a chic fashionista in your own right.

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