Our Favorite Fonts from 2017

Our Favorite Fonts from 2017

Our Favorite Fonts from 2017

Visual design is an invaluable piece of your marketing strategy. In addition to your logo and brand colors, the fonts used to form the words and sentences of your brand identity plays an equally important role in conveying your brand messaging and enticing your target audience. So what are the best fonts to incorporate into your branding?

That is hard to say, as every font communicates a different feeling or message. Every year, designers around the world create new fonts, making the task of picking the right fonts for your organization even more challenging. If you’re looking for some guidance, don’t miss this list of our favorite fonts from 2017.

Decorative Fonts

  • Cinematografica: This Ultra Condensed Small Caps typeface family features seven weights from thin to heavy. The extra narrow width of the font makes it easy for designers to save space on designs where this is limited, such as infographics or posters.
  • Emblema Headline: A high-quality, vintage art deco font, Emblema Headline is based on Emblema 65 from Corradine fonts. This font family has four layers, and each layer has three to four different looks for a total 13 variations to try. This typeface works wonderfully as a header on web pages.
  • Merlod: Inspired by Latin American sign painting, this modern font consists of three different styles (Norme, Autre, and Queue) that each have seven weights. Lighthearted, adaptive, and welcoming, Merlod offer designers many options when creating marketing assets.
  • Rosella: One of the top fonts of the year, Rosella is stylish without being trendy, and flirtatious without being childish. Announcements made in the Rosella typeface make a big impact on audiences. This font also works well with vibrant colors, do you can play around with the hues of your words. Rosella styles include Solid, Deco, Engraved, Flourish, Hatched, and Inline.

Serif Fonts

  • Deposit Pro: A wide slab-serif family, Deposit Pro includes 16 styles and eight weights with corresponding italics. This font supports all European Latin and Cyrillic languages, while also having numerous OpenType features. For corporate enterprises, Deposit Pro performs well in both headline and paragraph text.
  • Calendula: Available in eight styles, Calendula offers designers a lot of versatility. The traditional upright forms of the font convey a certain serenity while the italicized version is effervescent and lively.
  • Fenomen Slab: Following the guidelines set by the font family Fenomen Sans, this slab serif includes four width proportions (Normal, SemiCondensed, Condensed, and ExtraCondensed) in eight weights. An updated spin on newsprint type, Fenomen Slab is eye-catching and multi-dimensional.

Sans Serif Fonts

  • Kappa: Combining geometric and humanistic qualities, Kappa is available in 36 different variations, giving designers numerous options for use in projects. You can also use the serif version of this font, Kappa Vol. 2, for some contrast in your design.
  • Artegra Sans: It took type designer Ceyhun Birinci three years to develop Artega Sans but the time was well spent as this family offers 162 fonts. With nine weights and more 1500 glyphs per font, you can use Artega Sans for almost everything, from product packaging to mobile apps.
  • Cera Pro: Drawing from the pan-European style, Cera Pro supports Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts with over 980 glyphs for each of the six weights available. Crisp and clean, Cera Pro is a multi-tasking font, perfect for on-screen and off-screen text.

Script Fonts

  • Timeout: From logos to t-shirts, web images to magazine advertisements, and beyond, Timeout is a casual, modern, and stylish font that’s hard not to love. While many scripts convey a certain delicacy, Timeout is strong and beautiful at the same time.
  • Bakerie: Comprised of seven weights, three widths, and two versions, the total 42 fonts available in the Bakerie family empowers designers to create perfectly handwritten text for digital or in-print purposes. While some script fonts lose impact when the type is smaller, that is not the case with Bakerie.

It was so hard to narrow down our favorite fonts for 2017 so you might be struggling to pick the ones that are right for your marketing projects. If so, contact Alt-Creative today to speak with experienced designers who can create a graphic strategy for your organization.

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