11 Strategies For Building a Killer Email Marketing List

11 Strategies For Building a Killer Email Marketing List

11 Strategies For Building a Killer Email Marketing List

An email marketing campaign cannot be successful if you aren’t regularly generating new subscribers. Research from Hubspot shows that your email marketing list degrades by 22.5 percent every year. That makes it imperative to know how to build a killer email marketing list. With these strategies, you can develop an email marketing list that will boost sales and increase engagement.

Email Signups On Your Website

Any user visiting your website should easily find where to sign up for your email marketing list. However, some visitors will need a bit more encouragement to share their email addresses. Provide links to exclusive offers that require an email signup. You should also make sure to include calls-to-action throughout your site that asks potential leads to add their info to your email marketing list.

Create Desirable Content

If the emails you are sending aren’t interesting, informative, and beneficial, then your subscription list will diminish and recipients won’t forward your messages to people in their network. Take the time to craft content people want to read and share. Draft engaging copy and develop eye-catching graphics to inspire users to forward your emails.

Encourage Sharing

Quality content is shareable content. If your emails contain desirable content, your readers will naturally spread it through their social channels. Encourage recipients to share your emails with their friends, family, and colleagues. If you have successfully created worthwhile content, these users will be intrigued by your email and want to sign up for more.

Test Content

Desirable content only makes an impact on your audience if they open your emails. That’s why you have to test everything in your emails, from distribution channels to layout and design. Review analytics from previous email campaigns to inform your decision making during this process. Ask users for feedback to make adjustments accordingly. Make as many tweaks as necessary so your emails are shareable and easy to navigate.

Make Exclusive Offers

White papers, webinars, digital resources, and online tools are unique, exclusive offers that many people want to peruse. Create these pieces of invaluable content but only make them available in exchange for users’ email addresses. People are more than willing to give you their email addresses if they feel that they are receiving something useful in return.

Cleverly Craft Calls-To-Action

When a user visits your site and receives a popup to signup for your email marketing list, make it really enticing for them to subscribe. You will also want to offer them a way to sidestep the popup but it shouldn’t be too tempting. For example, if you are giving a discount to new email subscribers, make the signup button say something such as, “Save Money Now!” Then, the link to click out of the pop-up could say, “Nope, I don’t feel like saving any money.” This conversation will encourage people to signup instead of navigating away from the popup.

Use Printed Marketing Materials

Include a short, memorable URL on printed on brochures, handouts, and traditional mailers to make it easy for your offline audience to engage with your company online. Make sure the URL leads users to a landing page that requires an email signup to view and before you know it, your email marketing list is converting offline interest into digital sales.

Invest in Paid Search and Social Ads

If you are serious about quickly growing your email marketing list, it is worth investing in paid search and social ads. Google search ads and Facebook marketing ads that link to a useful landing page hidden behind an email signup can rapidly build your list of potential leads.

Share Email Content Teasers on Social Networks

You don’t have to pay to promote your email content on social media. Use your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to offer sneak peeks into your email messages. For your followers to get full access, they will have to subscribe to your email marketing list. It’s a great way to convert those social media likes into email subscribers.

Try Guest Blogging

Demonstrate your industry expertise by creating guest blog posts for other websites. In these posts, make sure to include a call-to-action that encourages readers to subscribe to your email marketing list. Readers who enjoyed your posts will want to know more about your work so make this call-to-action alluring and clear.

Go Offline

Attending an industry event? Hosting a networking soiree? All of these offline instances are ripe opportunities for building your email marketing list. Go old school with a clipboard, piece of blank paper, and a pen or use a tablet to make it easy for interested individuals to add their name to your email marketing list. Your sales department will thank you.

Email campaigns are an invaluable component of any content marketing strategy. With email marketing, you can transform potential leads into regular customers but only if you have a killer list. With the email marketing experts at Alt Creative, build an outstanding email marketing list that generates profits and engages clients. Contact us today to discuss building your email marketing list.

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