Decoded: Crafting a Memorable Business Slogan

Decoded: Crafting a Memorable Business Slogan

Decoded: Crafting a Memorable Business Slogan

A killer slogan brings in major profits for your brand. Catchy phrases stick in people’s minds and help them remember your business. They may even start speak your brand’s language, using your slogan in everyday conversation.
Since financial service Capital One was named the winner of Madison Avenue’s Advertising Walk of Fame in 2011 for its memorable slogan “What’s in your wallet?”, the brand has grown to become ranked as one of the world’s top businesses. Forbes reports that the brand, taking spot number 141 in its most valuable public companies in the globe, had profits of $4.4 billion in 2015 and totals $310.2 billion in assets. Its stock makes consumers wonder if Capital One can help benefit what’s in their wallets.

No matter how small your company is, an enduring slogan helps indicate the type of business you conducts, conveys what values you have and entices consumers to purchase your products or services. Here’s how to create a meaningful slogan for your business.

Feature a Call to Action

One of the most powerful forms of a slogan is one that incites those who hear it to move toward making a purchase or take action that includes the brand. Nike’s “Just do it” has endured since its inception in 1988 because the slogan compels consumers to take charge of their fitness and athleticism with the help of its high-quality shoes and apparel.

A brand that uses its name in the slogan’s call to action is rum brand Captain Morgan, which features the slogan “Go Full Captain.” Its 2015 commercial paired a Mandarin cover version of the song “Freak Out” with a silly stylized narrative, one so memorable it was mentioned by AdAge as a highlighted clip. In this case, going “full Captain” means having a rowdily fun time dancing at a boat party — not a bad association.

Spotlight a Benefit

Make it obvious to those exposed to the slogan why your brand is valuable. M&M’s candy has long claimed it “melts in your mouth, not in your hands,” attracting those with a sweet tooth to the vibrantly colored candies sheltering sweet chocolate.

State Farm, an insurance company whose services include home and auto coverage, injects emotion and relatability into its slogan, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” When paired with visuals of everyday disasters the average person could face, the message is powerful and conveys the brand as one that cares about its customers.

Make It Catchy

“Breakfast of champions” is an oft-used phrase to describe any mouthwateringly delicious morning meal. For the past 85 years, the cereal Wheaties has helped cement the phrase in American conversation. The brand strategically has used images of top athletes to decorate its boxes, giving shoppers a visual cue as to who they could emulate by eating the cereal.

To ensure catchiness, it’s vital to keep your slogan short, simple and to the point. The easier it is for people to say and remember, the more likely they’ll associate your brand with it and spread it around.

Whatever you’re writing, create your concept with individuality in mind, conveying what differentiates your brand and makes you stand out from competitors. Create a mood board filled with images that reflect your brand to inspire words and key phrases. Still stumped or need inspiration? Slogan generators such as Shopify’s free slogan maker or free tool Procato can get the ball rolling.

Focus on the positive attributes your brand brings to drive your strategy. Test out slogans on panels, through polls and within your company to see what resonates before releasing one to the public. Integrate it appropriately into branding materials to help it spread.

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