How to Create Content People Want to Share (Infographic)

How to Create Content People Want to Share (Infographic)

How to Create Content People Want to Share (Infographic)

As people, we are hardwired to share things that affect us in a major way. Whether it’s inspirational, funny, or simply popular, we love to share. Today I’ll show you some of the ways you can appeal to this common desire through your content.
We’ll follow that up with an infographic that will give you all the secrets of today’s social media platforms.

How to Create Content That Performs on Social Media (Infographic)

The two halves of social media involve sharing at the right time and with the proper visuals, combined with content people want to share. Let’s explore two ways you can create content that people want to share:

1. Appeal to Their Sense of Validation

Studies have shown that people are 32% more likely to up-vote a comment that has been liked already. This behavior is driven by our desire to join up with something that is already popular so we feel included and approved by our peers. Take advantage of this by adding counters to your social media buttons so people know how many shares it has received.

2. Appeal to Their Beliefs and Desires

People are far more likely to share something they are passionate about. Whether its a cause they support, or something they feel defines them, if you can appeal to these elements of your audience, you will give them the motivation to share your work.

Use these tips to write incredible copy for your website that people want to share. The infographic below is filled with all of the tools you need to maximize your potential on social media. Let us know how it helped you in the comments!




This post was contributed to the Alt Creative blog by Matt Banner, from OnBlastBlog. Matt’s work has been seen on sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur & The Huffington Post. 

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