Amplify Austin: Addictively Awesome

Amplify Austin: Addictively Awesome

Amplify Austin: Addictively Awesome

There is something about watching the giving ticker, checking in with the leaderboard, and seeing the bevy of #AmplifyATX statuses in the social media feeds that makes Amplify Austin so exciting.

Amplify Austin describes itself as a 24-hour “festival of giving” that provides a way for our entire community to give together and “crank up the giving” to hundreds of nonprofits that are meeting critical needs. Last year, Amplify Austin set a goal of $1 million and blew past that goal quickly ending up with $2.8 million by the end of the 24-hour time period. Which proves what we here at Alt Creative already knew: Austin is a very generous community.

As a philanthropic company, of course, we had to get in on the giving! The problem for us is that there are so many great non-profits participating, that we had a really hard time deciding what to donate to. In the end, the list of donations is long and includes our preferred charities, charities with which we have close ties, and charities that we feel are particularly meeting critical needs at this time.

You can see the list below, but why not go donate now? This year, Amplify Austin has set a goal of $4 million and they need your help to get there!

Alt Creative Donations via Amplify Austin 2014:

AIDS Services of Austin
Alzheimer’s Association
Ann Richards School
Austin Children’s Shelter
Austin Disaster Relief
Austin Pets Alive
Creative Action
Equality Texas
GEN Austin
Leadership Austin
Literacy Coalition
SXSW Cares
Texas Tribune
Waterloo Counseling Center

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