6 Ways to Boost Website Traffic

Boost Website Traffic

6 Ways to Boost Website Traffic

You’ve worked hard to produce an attractive website that provides real value for your customers. Congrats! That’s the first step in to build sales and convert visitors to customers. However, if it fails to attract visitors, then your beautifully designed, content-rich site will provide little value.

With a few simple strategies, it’s possible to attract attention and boost website traffic via search engines, social media, and other avenues. Give the following tactics a try to boost website traffic. You just might be surprised by the extent to which they transform your website’s metrics.

1. Select Topics Based on Keywords

While any post that highlights your expertise can position your brand as an authority, certain subjects will struggle to deliver sufficient traffic. Aim for that sweet spot between expressing genuine passion and meeting the demands of search engine users.

To start, enter a few relevant words or phrases into a trusted keyword tool. This will produce a variety of ideas worth exploring. These should be filtered based on overall demand and keyword difficulty, which references how challenging it might be to rank against the competition. Ideally, you will select low-competition topics that reach a reasonable threshold for search volume.

2. Keep an Eye on the Competition

Even a modest drop in search engine ranking can lead to significant decreases in website traffic. If you’re hoping to outrank top competitors in your industry, it helps to know how, exactly, they manage to secure top spots on Google. Survey the competition to get an idea for which marketing tactics other brands rely on—and how you can set your business apart.

If available, utilize software designed to aggregate content performance. This will help determine which topics produce the best results for key competitors. Seek to emulate the most effective tactics while still providing your own spin to ensure that your brand stands out.

3. Promote Your Content On Social Media

How often do you actually update your Facebook or Twitter page? If you neglect to post website content on these platforms, you’re doing yourself a real disservice. While overly promotional or sales-y content runs the risk of driving followers away, most will appreciate detailed content that informs them about topics they find relevant.

Merely highlighting content isn’t good enough, however. Social media posts should be consistent with your brand’s overarching image and values. Consider not only the style of these updates, but also, where they’re shared. Don’t rely on Facebook alone if your target audience utilizes other sites. Depending on your industry and audience, you may benefit from sharing content on niche sites such as Pinterest or even TikTok.

4. Join Forces With Other Brands to Boost Website Traffic

If you’re still struggling to build an audience, consider teaming up with another brand to develop a cross-promotional campaign. This will serve the mutually beneficial function of expanding your following beyond anything you could hope to accomplish alone.

An ideal cross-promotional effort will feature two brands occupying relevant enough niches to appeal to the same audience without directly competing. After you’ve teamed up, you can tag one another on Facebook or even work together to host a marketing event.

If you’re looking to go a little smaller with your collaborations, try producing content that you can use as a guest post or helpful guide that other popular and credible sites can link to. This will provide your with some site authority and increase your ranking on Google.

5. Don’t Forget Email Marketing

In an age of social media, email remains a relevant avenue for connecting with clients and customers. Email newsletters keep followers in the loop while also encouraging them to visit your website for more information.

Success in email marketing begins with a strong list of contacts. This can be built at marketing events, via social media, or, in a pinch, with branded pop-up forms leading back to your website. No matter your tactic of choice, it’s important to engage new contacts with snappy subject lines and concise, yet intriguing content.

6. Update Old Content

The more fresh content your website possesses, the better. Given the fast-paced nature of the internet, it takes little to fall behind.

Small shifts in target keywords and anchor text can dramatically influence ranking for older content that would otherwise fail to attract attention. Check analytic tools to determine which pages suffer declines in traffic. Contrast against competing posts to determine where you can improve.

Keep in mind that, depending on the relevance of the topic, you may need to rewrite significant sections—or even the entire page.

The Takeaway

No simple set of tactics will boost website traffic in every situation. Ultimately, you’ll need to experiment with various website best practices to determine which techniques produce the best results based on your unique circumstances. Keep a close eye on metrics to ensure that your website remains on the right track.

Alt Creative can help guide you to improving your digital influence. As you build your site traffic, we can help make your site more attractive to convert visitors to customers. Contact us at your earliest convenience to request a website audit or to learn more about our options.


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